Markus Waas

1/25 Keppell St, 1021 Auckland, New Zealand·

With the background of a finished Masters in Computer Science, I have foundational knowledge of all important technical concepts. My experience as a web developer has further given me the knowledge about most aspects of modern web development. Working independently and collaboratively is one of my key strengths. My passion lies in the fields of cryptocurrencies and I'm very happy to be using my Solidity skills as smart contract developer.


Smart Contract Solidity Developer

Laminar Ltd.

I design and implement a Forex (foreign exchange) on Ethereum including a margin (cfd) trading platform.

March 2020 - Present

Blockchain Engineer

Juri Ltd.

Next to an implementation of a new innovating staking pool, I research new aspects of the blockchain integration. Most notably, I designed a fully decentralized oracle system.

April 2019 - March 2020

Blockchain Engineer and Full-stack Developer

Starbase GmbH

As part of a small scrum team developing an innovative platform for crowdfunding ideas utilizing tokens, I introduced a new staking and ranking smart contract for ERC-20 tokens. Among other notable achievements, I implemented a secure funds splitter as well as many improvements to token sale contracts.

July 2018 - November 2019

Frontend Developer

Infopark AG

In a scrum team, I helped to develop a revolutionary JavaScript Content Management System implementing new frontend features, including the introduction of creative new value type editors as well as improving the React integration, making it more convenient for developers to use the CMS.

October 2014 - July 2018

Intern Engineering

Crypto Software Chryselius

Java and C++ development of a chipcard-based bootloader and file container encryption on a Ubuntu system. Setting up the development environment and administering the backup and build server.

October 2010 - October 2011


Humboldt University of Berlin

Master of Science
Computer Science

Ø: 1.2 (somewhere between A+ and A as GPA)

October 2011 - October 2018


Allgemeine Hochschulreife (Abitur)

Ø: 1.9

August 2003 - August 2010


Programming Languages & Tools
  • English (fluent in speaking and writing)
  • German (native language)
  • Spanish (currently B1 level)


Apart from being a software engineer, I enjoy lots of different types of sport. In the summer, I try to do most sport outdoors, which includes calisthenics and soccer. During the colder months, with the exception of occasional snowboard trips, I do sports indoor in the gym.

Since the beginning of blockchain time, i.e., the bitcoin genesis block, I followed the chain. No, I'm kidding, but I started following the scene as early as 2010, being an active member in the community and trying to comprehend new ideas also on a technical level.

Awards & Projects

  • 1st Place - ETH.Berlin - Gnosis Award - Hackathon 2018
  • 2nd Place - Blockstack Berlin: A Signature Fund Event - Hackathon 2018
  • Solidity Developer Blog
  • ETH.Berlin follow-up project: PoolX - Funded by Gnosis
  • Smart Roulette - Online Roulette on the Blockchain - Ethereum, Web3, React